Not Feeling 100% ?What You Eat Can Make You Sick Without You Knowing It!
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Nutrition Advice

Food Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities

What you eat can make you sick without you realising it! Although you may be eating 'healthy', many foods can trigger internal reactions, straining even a healthy body and contributing to serious health problems. 

You would NOT even realise that food reactions are happening because the reactions occur INSIDE the body, no rash or itchy skin would appear to warn you that something is wrong. 

Many foods can be highly beneficial, but they can also be highly detrimental, in fact death often starts in the bowel. We aren't just talking about "junk food" as the only ones that are "bad" for the body.

We therefore offer a COMPLETE MANAGEMENT PACKAGE comprising:


    Checking many body organs, such as the skin, sinuses, lungs, liver, thyroid, bowels, kidneys etc., to see if they are functioning well. 
    Assessing a wide range of nutritional levels - as well as many other elements such as enzymatics, hormones and possible heavy metal presence - to see if deficiencies or imbalances exist.



    Testing over 125 foods, environmentals and other elements INDIVIDUALLY, to work out a nutritional plan or diet to SUIT YOU, based on YOUR possible reactions to those foods. The test will show you what foods are more acceptable and also how often they can be eaten for better results. We DO NOT just simply hand out blood group diet sheets to the client, as many others do, because these diet sheets are proving to be much less effective....we test the foods individually and the results speak for themselves. 

    Treating the many nutritional CAUSES this way of feeling unwell ( i.e. getting to the heart of the matter ) instead of treating only the symptoms of feeling unwell, can help make you feel greatly improved overall, more quickly, for much longer.

Diets, Weight Loss and Weight Management

Being overweight or underweight can put tremendous strain on our bodies, and lead to many illnesses, diseases and conditions. If you are looking to gain or lose weight safely and effectively we can help put together a diet and/or treatment plan to assist you by treating the causes of the problem.

Nutritional plans and diets can also be developed to assist you with allergies, illnesses and conditions you may have.