Not Feeling 100% ?What You Eat Can Make You Sick Without You Knowing It!
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Allergy Action have many testimonials from our clients. The following are excerpts from just a few.

"I just want to say thank you Len. You have changed my life. No more bloating, heartburn, - unless I do the wrong thing - and my dry itchy skin has got much better...I've even lost weight. and its only been 13 weeeks. I know there's a way to go and I'm taking one step at a time, but I am now encouraging others on other platforms to get to know what you do because Ive seen it for myself! Thank You"

Charmaine Sheedy, WA

"....I have been seeing Len Goodman for a few months now and the improvements I have found in all the serious issues I had - the skin, digestion, arthritis, headaches, hormones, hyperactivity, chronic fatigue, sinus, concentration, memory, - have been fantastic........even helping me so much to cope with the extreme pressure of work I am dealing with at the moment. I tell my family, friends and co-workers and they still remain sceptical even though they can see the huge difference in me, so they prefer to use drugs for everything. No doctor has ever achieved any success like this, for me, in only a matter of months, and I have been seeing doctors for years. Once in a while something comes along that is "too good to be true" - that is Len Goodman. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. "


"...a quick update for kids are doing amazingly. They are so happy and healthy. They sleep well, have huge amounts of energy, are calm and relaxed and just loving life. Their skin is glowing with a healthy brown - not like the pasty white they were when they first saw you many months ago. They are all having health growth spurts and weights and are all doing well in sports and at school especially "X" whom the tutor simply cannot believe how well she has done in such a relatively short time. I feel like I have my daughter back again, outgoing, happy and her funny self again- not the sick little girl going from surgery to surgery- with not 1 doctor or specialist able to help over all these years. Thank you so much for everything. Words cant express my gratitude. PS..... Ive left the best for last- The most amazing physical change I'm seeing---the children's eyes are are turning a bright beautiful blue------"


"..."I saw you when I was 40 years old and I felt like I was 18......". "

C.N., WA

" I just wanted to send you this email with a copy my test results in 2014 and current results, regarding the health issues I had been experiencing for a long time before coming to seek your help. When I came too see you in 2014 the inflammation markers in my blood tests were quite high, and even then I had already been on treatment by my specialist for 2 years. Nothing seemed to be changing much except for the CRP levels in my liver. But since seeing you in 2014 I have taken it upon myself to stop the Plaquenil which was prescribed to me, and so began treatments and lifestyle changes that you recommended may benefit me. I can't express my gratitude enough; now you can see the current test results from this year, 2 years after seeing you and more than 18 months after stopping Plaquenil. My inflammation levels are finally down to normal levels and the CRP has reduced further from the high levels they once were. I must admit, even though I was a sceptic before walking in your door, I couldn't have achieved this without your help Len, I really appreciate it. Please feel free to show my results to others, because people who are really not getting better with the treatment offered by our current medical system should really consider you. Thank you for really having a genuine concern with the wellbeing of those who seek your help. Kind regards Simran Chukowry "

, WA

"......" I have been following your advice and using your special weight management supplements for about 3 weeks now and the results are amazing!!!! Its everything you said it would be. I have already lost 3.8kg, I have so much more energy....I feel great!!!!I have already spoken to my mom and brother about this and they are really keen to do the same. I will email you their details. I cant thank you enough. Its been a struggle for years, you know that, and you are really helping me.....""

ml, WA

".....I am so stoked.....I brought my 3 children - aged 9,7,and 5 and myself nearly 4 weeks ago with a multitude of issues. I followed exactly what Len recommended with the individual foodplans and the special supplements. I feel fantastic. My kids are now literally bursting with energy, greater confidence and concentration, a newer attitude - even their teachers commented - colour in the faces, no more sore belly or mouth ulcers, more relaxed, less agitated,they sleep better... I have never witnessed such a turn around in just 4 weeks in my life. Thank you ..thank you so much."


"........."I am asked by friends and family, who are all medically orientated, "So your children have seen Len, and you say they have all improved very very well...well that is great, but what else can you show us as further proof." ..and I say.." Since they saw Len, no one has gotten colds / flu / gotten generally sick for one reason or another where compared with before, the children had been regularly on antibiotics; in fact calling in the dr once a week or every 2 weeks was the norm, and another thing, they have colour in the faces I have not seen can even check their before and after photographs"................. but these friends and family just smile back at me as if to say - who do you think you are fooling...." ........ People believe what they WANT to believe..... yet the proof of the pudding is ALWAYS in the eating.................... even now my husband really sees how much better the kids are and he has no more excuses to prove its a one-off. I am now seeing Len myself as a client. .............Thank you, Len, for showing me what I never knew before. I can now honestly say - "Beware of those who turn a blind eye to health improvements that they CLEARLY SEE but ignore because it suits their self-righteous, 100% biased attitude. Shocking, isn't it............................. They would rather see my kids ill and see the dr regularly as the " right thing to do ", that made no real difference, rather than seeing them well and healthy using Len Goodman's outstanding help and actually acknowledging it......."


"......."I listened to those around me ...they all new I was not well, but they all said.."See your doctor..they are the only ones you can trust..." They are now eating those words. I saw up to 3 doctors and with all their hype about how they " know it all when it comes to health", none could help me. I was angry, and really upset. I spent a fortune. I eventually made an appointment to see Len. Bluntly put, within 2 months I felt so much better. Looking back I can say doctors over - serviced me, blood tests were ambiguous and inconclusive. The drugs they prescribed for me actually made me feel worse and none of them believed me when I complained. After seeing Len I can now understand I am not alone; I am one of many thousands who have similar if not worse experiences with the medical profession. Len, all I can say is you are a life saver and thank you for what you have done......""


"I was told in 2012 I had Lupus, prescribed the most toxic drugs that made me feel worse, so I had to have a more drugs to counter the new symptoms I suffered from the older drugs. The pain was so severe, my right foot, wrist and shoulder girdle swollen...nothing the doctors gave me really helped. My partner was sick to death of them, made enquiries, heard about Len Goodman and saw him in September. I was could he help me ...and I was so ill....when doctors couldn't. But he did. My symptoms within the first month had dramatically improved. I was shocked at how well I got because I realised how small minded I had been and in fact embarrassed at myself for being so sceptical in the first place. What Len did ACTUALLY worked. If you read this and find yourself in a situation where you are getting no real help from the doctors - the very people you put all your belief in - then I say call Len. I will make my full name and phone number available on request by anyone who doubts me. "

Simran, WA

"..... When I came to see Len I was not overly well. My doctor wanted to put me on antidepressants which is something I opposed greatly as I felt that wasn't the answer and I wasn't going to take drugs. Since attending your consultation and following your plan I feel like my old self again----I have got my life back. I am happier now than I have been in fact you cannot believe how good it is to feel well - and I did it without drugs that doctors tried to push me into. They were so intimidating. It is only now when I look back that I realise how "low I had got" for such a long time. Thank you."

Annoymous, WA

"..." I thought I would share this with everyone. I saw Len Goodman 2 years ago, regularly at first, now every 8 months or so for a check-up. I buy whatever special supplements he recommends for me. I trust him like no other. Why? I have not seen a doctor since 2013 when I first started with Len's help because I don't need to- I feel so good. If anything comes up along the way I tell him and he addresses it straight away. Thank you Len, you have been amazing....""

R.A., WA

"...My young daughter Marlee was first diagnosed with multiple food allergies and intolerances 3 months ago. What a remarkable difference. She is absolutely glowing now and full of life - no more awful vomiting and stomach pains or waking up 5 times a night crying. We are so happy to have our healthy girl back. Love you Marlee. Thank you Len Goodman. You are amazing. Anyone one who wants an alternative answer to health problems...he is the man. I know people doubted me but I did the tough yards with Len and its paid off. That's all that it takes. Face-booked images for all to see."


"..."It's good to eat healthy, but if I don't know what foods I need to eat to get my body functioning at peak performance, or if I don't know what foods I have to be careful with because they make me sick, then " eating healthy" as I know it, is only doing half a job. A special thank you Len for putting me in the right direction regarding this. It has made a world of difference to me and my health........ ""

D.D., WA

"..."Well I followed 100% what the doctor said taking these strong drugs for ages; so then why didn't my arthritis improve? After 7 months of seeing the doctor, he hinted that " If the drugs don't work then I am a hypochondriac" and something to the effect of " I have to live with it; that's why I am not better ...and perhaps an antidepressant would help." I was really upset with what was said. I am a student studying law. I would know if I am imagining things or not. I went for a second and even a third opinion; no one could help me...but no one told me that food intolerances could be a problem to my health. I never knew about this....until I did my own research and eventually met Mr Goodman 5 weeks ago. The improvement I have felt during these 5 weeks is the best I have felt in years. My family and friends cannot believe the difference they see in me. I also now realise that there must be thousands of patients like me, but with their own health issues, looking for better medical results and who don't know about Mr Goodman and what he can offer which I can now see is considerable. To hear the doctor accuse me of being a hypochondriac when I was clearly not, speaks volumes. They can get it wrong and do get it wrong. I know. Firsthand....and when they do get it wrong, they lay the blame this case, me. That had profound consequences in my case...1) my arthritis did not improve and 2) my self confidence took a battering and 3) I spent a great deal of money with them. That's it! I now look outside the square when it comes to my health and I am better for it. This has been my reality check...and I have Mr Goodman to thank for that."

K.M., WA

"...." within 1 week of starting your programme I cannot believe how good I am feeling. I have got my soft baby skin back and my face has dropped 10 years...Its so good to feel this way! I have now learnt that it's alright eating healthy, but if you have no idea what foods YOUR body really needs, then it's only doing half the job......""

J.W., UK

"" I am writing to you to thank you. I feel so much better... and its only been 3 weeks since I first saw you. I have attended other clinics in my time to help me including those naturopaths you hear over the radio - and boy do they they charge,- but NOT one got me the kind of outcome with my skin as you have done in such a short time. I am looking at my health differently now. If I go to the doctor it's $80 for 5 minutes. That is actually over $1000 an hour. Unbelievable! You charge eight times less and I get results. I will definitely be recommending you, Len. Thank you. "


"I saw Len 4 months ago. I had been having Heart palpitations for 15 years. After following Len's eating plan and recommended supplements, within 3 weeks my cholestrol dropped form 5.5 to 3.9 I have never had it anywhere near this score. I have lost 4 kg weight , eating more than I ever have, yet still maintaining this weight loss. My Blood Pressue has stabilised and the many itchy skin marks all over my body have faded and in some areas disappeared. My Dr could not believe it. All he did say was:" Whatever you are doing...keep it up". Over the past 15 years all the doctors could do was prescribe more drugs which did nothing in comparison to what I have achieved in the last 4 months. I am now very weary of doctors. I have learnt so much under Len's guidance and look at my eating plan as a lifetime change because the benefits are so many. I will be recommending you- Thank you Len, so much."

J.B., WA

"" I came and saw you many months ago and finally found out some triggers that have been making me sick for a lot of years that no doctor or specialist could help me with despite their assurances. Since seeing you and following your advice I cannot describe how much better I feel! I havent had any headaches or nausea for such a long time and they were a daily occurence for me. These little tweaks in my lifestyle while hard at times, is the best thing that has happened. Thank you so much."


"My 6 year old daughter started to suffer from severe constipation- once every 2 weeks - since she was only one. Her face was always pale with dark circles under her eyes and was constantly tired. The doctor at the "poo clinic" in the hospital told us "Increase her fibre and fluid intake and give laxatives". Movicol was prescribed. The doctor said that within 6 months the problem should be solved, her poo would be regular and she would have forgotten all about it. Even when we went back to see the doctor later he said Movicol was harmless and could be taken for years. We did everything they asked us to do. We tried and tried. Things only improved slightly- but no matter how much fibre and fluid we gave, she could not do without those laxatives. She had regular tummyaches. Over the last 6 months she has complained more and more of the tummy aches and now pain. The pain was so bad she would sit on the sofa daily with a hot water bottle. Thats when we decided " This is enough!" We found Len on the internet. The fact that he has a pharmacist background, deals with nutrition and natural health appealed to us. That was 4 weeks ago. We did everything Len asked us to do. Within days after changing her diet and giving her supplements exactly instructed by Len, she began to go to the toilet every single day. Now 4 weeks later, for the first time in 5 years she is finally off her laxatives. She has not had one tummyache, looks healthier with color in her cheeks, more energy and has no more dark circles. She is doing brilliantly. We are so happy we looked further than conventional doctors advice, which obviously did not work, for 5 years of trying so hard and giving Movicol all that time. I have now become aware of alot of things doctors claim that I do not agree with. In fact, looking back, I think it was insane advice. Len has made a massive difference to us and my daughter's health. He has been very supportive throughout this time and gave us the motivation we needed. We are very grateful. You are a lifesaver. "


""I brought my 13 month old son to see Len about 7 days ago. I can't believe the difference in him in just a week. He is sleeping much more than just a few hours at a time and last night he slept all night- 7.30pm to 6.15am WOW! It's only taking 15 minutes to get him to bed and that includes the 10 minutes it takes for him to drink his milk. He is so much more relaxed and doesn't run around like a headless chicken anymore!""

R.H, Perth

"After suffering from IBS, digestion problems and fatigue for about 10 years, with no help from doctors, I saw Len through advice from friends. Within 1 day I felt amazing! No sore or bloated stomach! Within weeks I lost weight, my energy improved,my headaches dissipated. I can't believe how good it feels to feel healthy again. Thanks, Len, with all your continued support,I literally feel like I have been given a new body. "

J.P. , WA

"...I am 29 years old. I had been suffering from Discoid Eczema for over a year- patches of my skin were raw red, scaly, oozy and excruciatingly itchy and sore. I felt very let down by my GP who told me "There is no cure for eczema so deal with it" and he offered me steroid creams that only gave me temporary help. I consulted with Len Goodman and I found out about food intolerances and allergies I never knew I had. I was shocked and amazed to see how these foods one usually takes for granted as being " healthy" were actually worsening my skin. I totally changed my diet and followed what Len asked me to do. Within 6 weeks there was a dramatic improvement in my fact, it has almost gone. I also felt so healthy and cleansed! I felt had more energy and my skin looked clearer. I may have to ring up my GP and tell him that actually there is help for my excema, if you find the root causes. "

C.L.G., W.A.

".....I went to the opthalmologist last week - he couldn't quite believe the results: I had no more vision problems. The other good news is that I am now working full time ...something I could not do before. I can actually push myself physically and get up the next day and do it all again. Len, you have done wonders for me so far, where the doctors have achieved nothing, so I have referred....."

J.S., WA

"..." and now 10 days into your programme of dietary changes and supplements I am feeling fantasic. Hadn't realised that I had not been sleeping deeply, until now. Am going into such a deep sleep and waking up feeling like I have had a good nights rest. Stomach is responding well to the programme, and I no longer feeling heavy and weighed down. Bowels working well. No sugar cravings and my energy levels are great...long walks everyday at your recommendation is good too.....""

G.W, W.A.

""....and let me add that in the last 4 weeks I have definitely felt the difference: my bowel problems corrected themselves, my energy levels are definitly improving and my recovery rate is getting better. Being able to run around doing my errands etc all day, then wake up the next morning and not feel like truck has hit me, has been fantastic. Looking forward to seeing you for my follow up test....""

J.S. , WA

"....."incredible! For years I've been going to the doctor who recommended me at one stage one of their nutritionists and then dieticians to help me. I would always feel worse everytime I followed their advice. I complained to the doctor who simply said "I am talking nonsense." Well, after a while I had had enough! A colleague recommended I visit Len Goodman. Within 6 weeks my bloating, stomach pain -sometimes so bad I was doubled up - had all but disappeared. I have more energy, less headaches, I sleep so much better, in fact just about everything that was a bother to me has all changed to some degree or another... Mylanta, Nexium, and all those dreadful drugs are gone!""

C.D., WA

"....."since modifying my diet and following your supplement regime I have noticed a significant improvement in general wellbeing, accompanied with weight loss.... Out of 100% I would say I was 90%-95% compliant with everything. Now, my blood pressure feels normal- in fact since I started your programme 4 weeks ago I have had no symptoms of high blood pressure as previously felt. Under my own steam I have reduced my BP and Cholestrol drugs with no ill-effects. I am still a little unmotivated, but there has been significant improvement to previous levels in that area and external non-diet related pressures have eased. Overall I am stoked with outcomes. Thank you for your part in improving my Health ...T.M.from W.A."


"......" I suffer from Diverticulitis. I was on a range of drugs from the doctor...but I still felt drained, the pain in my lower abdomen never went away, and I was so tired. Was this the way I was going to live the rest of my life? The doctor said yes. I never accepted that. I met Len about a month or so ago through recommendations. I followed his consultationary advice well... it was worth it. ... I now feel incredibly well, have lots more energy, my complexion has cleared and most of all I have NO abdomen pain at all... S.W.from WA"


"......."I was a basket case. For many years I have been unwell, getting increasingly more tired and in the later stages even contemplated suicide as I could see no way of feeling better. You see I hade been treated by a multitude of doctors who carried out a multitude of tests all telling me I was in good health. In other words they all thought I was a hypochondriac....mad in the head....they even wanted me to see a phychiatrist. My daughter suffers from similar symptoms, so we both decided to"give Len a go". After 2 months of seeing Len Goodman I am literally feeling like a new man. I am able to do a full days work without continuosly stopping for naps, I no longer feel constantly ill and I am, for the first time in I dont know how long, enjoying life. He has worked wonders for me. I cannot thank Len enough. My daughter has also had excellent results............ Yours sincerely G.W. from WA"


"This is an extract from a testimonial written by a doctor addressed to other doctors..................... "Dear Colleague, I am writing to recommend Mr Goodman to you......out of interest I have personally undergone consultations with Mr Goodman and I have found value in what he can offer, despite criticism by other doctors. I have since then confidently allowed quite a few of my patients to see Mr Goodman. I am surprised at the success he has had.......I have no gain in writing to you, suggest you might explore the option he offers and decide for yourselves........... Mr Goodman's approach involving, amongst other things, nutritional health and food intolerances, has now given me an additional avenue to explore- particularly when all other conventional tests have come back normal but the symptoms have persisted. Please feel free to ring me if you wish..........Dr D.R. from W.A. "


"through your interest and advice the change in my health over the last few months is quite noticeable. Also the fact that you do not enforce pressure of any kind but rather simply advise is refreshing to say the least. As someone who is obviously concerned about his "patients" - takes the time with them to help them to help themselves, and who gives generously of time to achieve that goal, whilst also trying to make a living- deserves my full support"

M.R., WA

"A big thank you for your help in getting me to a state of health I never thought I would experience again. I was at first sceptical especially as many doctors had not helped my sinus and throat problems. How could a change of eating habits and some vitamins and minerals change the way I was feeling. How was I feeling?- not sick, but unwell, off centre and unenthusiastic about life in general. Feeling flat but not understanding why. I followed your advice in every way as best as I could. I now see, after a huge improvement and feeling better again, that most of what is available commercially is in fact poisoning us. If anyone complains about your prices ask them about the cost of feeling unwell but not sick, the costs of antibiotics and the cost in terms of poor relationships because of not feeling well. We can't really put a price on good health but the cost of feeling "OFF" is terrible"

B.D., WA

"I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you. I was really so very unwell when I came to see you two months ago with many dreadful symptoms that even my GP could not help me with which depressed me even more. Your recommended diet although strict to start with became easier as I got better....Together with your supplements I have now renewed energy and restful nights......sincere thanks for your care, guidence, support and total understanding of my debilitating condition. Keep up your wonderful work"

J.L.M., WA

"visited Len Goodman on advice from a good friend....I had a persistant cough for over a year and despite medical puffers etc - would not go away. Len's testing indicated intolerances to many things, so I changed alot of my eating choices to newer choices... I stuck to his plan as best as I could ...( that's all he asks for )...and took advantage of the supplement regime he offered. Results: Within 1 month..No well as weight loss, renewed energy and greater alertness..what a bonus! After 3 months I now have a moderated eating plan and supplement regime and I feel really great. I would like to thank Len for his amazing support and the way he celebrates my achievements with me. I appreciate his extensive knowledge and sound advice.."

M.R., WA

"being in my late 70's, my body was complaining in so many places........I had seen many people for help.... but nothing compared to this - -----now my energy levels are rising......I am back to my daily half hour walk without a second thought and I can bend over without feeling like an old lady! If I'm alive, I want to feel alive........and this is what you have done for me.....Len Goodman - you are the best thing I found in 2007..."

R.R., WA

"I was suffering from a major allergic reaction due to beauty treatment, restless legs, skin rashes, painful heel spur, menopausal symptoms.........out of desperation from getting nowhere, I tried a different approach. I saw Len Goodman of Allergy Action......I did not realise how many foods I was eating and drinking that were such large factors contributing to my ill-health.........and all these years I thought I was eating healthy....what an eye opener....I now feel and look fantastic - and what was so great about it all is that I've lost 15kg weight, I think clearer, have more energy, I am calmer and happier in myself and I gained a new level of confidence I thought I did not need....... Everyone comments on how well I look...I am so grateful for all your help"

N.N., WA

"I first saw Len Goodman 4 months ago. If I wasn't being physically sick then I almost always felt generally unwell and going along the usual medical route didn't help............I now feel so much better.... I had in fact forgotten what it felt like to be well again"

L.F., WA

"before I saw Len Goodman I was feeling run down with hardly any many people cannot believe the change in me"

M.C., WA

"I was tired, congested and suffered many I feel a lot better, but I also feel a lot happier within myself.........I can cope better with a lot of things I was unable to cope with before, on a day to day basis"

J.M., WA

"not only have I lost weight, but I am getting a whole lot more out of it. This is something that I wish I could have started a lot earlier"

M.F., WA

"was so unwell and depressed....I now have renewed energy, restful nights and I have my old sparkle back again"

J.M., WA

"I suffered I.B.S. ( irritable bowel syndrome ) for over 2 years. Every morning I had bouts of diarrhoea that made even going to work in the morning very difficult. Just one month after being advised, the diarrhoea decreased from 6 times a day to 3 times a day. Slowly things are getting back to normal"

S.M., WA

"now have so much more motivation, I'm sleeping better, even my hair and nails have improved, which was an added bonus to me as I didn't ask for assistance in those areas"

R.G., WA

"my son has ADD, concentration and behavioural problems....his teacher has been impressed with his progress since I started the food and health assessments by Len................I can now see it was well worth the time and effort"

E.C., WA

"for over 3 years I had rashes over many parts of my body and they were getting worse. I felt washed out. Now, I cannot believe the results: within 3 weeks I can say I have not felt so well in years and the rash is almost gone"

J.H., WA

"after suffering constipation and stomach pains for many years my situation was so bad that it was affecting my day to day life, just going to work was a task, always in pain, constant bloating and an inability to go to the toilet for up to a week if not more. My GP recommended a stomach specialist, but he had no real answers for me. Eventually I did my own research, checked things out on the internet ...and that is how I came across Len I glad.....within a week of seeing Len my health issues dramatically improved and I have not had the need for drugs"


"my swimmimg interests / sport were very restricted because of my chronic asthma and fatigue. I struggled to swim 50 metres butterfly. Within 1 month of following Len Goodman's testing and advice I could swim 200 metres without a problem"


"after being sick with debilitating arthritis, stomach bloating and dizziness, I now feel so much better. Friends and family comment on how well I look. I am forever grateful."