Not Feeling 100% ?What You Eat Can Make You Sick Without You Knowing It!
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Online or by Clinic Appointment:


1) Initial Nutritional Consultation -$240 special offer.


2) Follow-Up Nutritional  Consultation - $120 special offer.




       # Consultation fees are included in the above prices.


       # You receive your test  results, fully discussed, during the consultation. There is NO waiting period and therefore no extra charges to pay to get the results later                                 

      # When you go to the Doctor you are sick. I call that "Sick Care". I offer what most Doctors do not and I personally call that" Health Care - an overall approach"


# We offer proven test results  



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Why I do what I do, achieving very good outcomes  .......from Len Goodman

'When I was young I recall my Mother going to the hospital with Angina problems.  I would wait with her in the corridors until she saw someone. Her sickness was controlled by drugs. She never really felt better. Over time she grew weaker and died from a stroke a few years later. Could my Mom's life been saved or prolonged for a much longer time? How could I help myself from dying the same way? I now call my mothers hospital care at that time  "Sick Care". I studied Pharmacy. Practised it for 16 years... and I left unsatisfied. Then by chance I was introduced into Nutritional Medicine. I call it now "Health Care- an overall approach." I have never looked back since.  I have been practising it for over 18 years. It is powerful, effective and preventative for so many different kinds of unwellness and Chronic illness.  It was an answer I was looking for for my late Mother.

If you want to try out what I offer, once, or possibly twice or even longer, contact me. My special training over the years provides me with  individualised  programmes for most people from 1 month old to 100 years

Self Prescribing through Public Health Research is based on  guiding oneself through general food health for the whole population. In most cases, its relevance to a particular person is in question  because each person is different.




* SCROLL down towards the bottom to see what is  offered to you per consultation. Special prices that may be available per consultations are marked in Red. 


* Consultations are available Australia-wide and even from abroad.  





"......If I only knew about this 10 years ago! One of the best things about this is that I dont have to pay extra to come back for the test results...bonus!"


"......It's a fantastic and informative  guide!"   


"......Now I know why doctors and specialists, using only their dieticians and their own nutritionists never really helped me!...they are all medically related ...they are all the same."                


 "......This is really's great! "  


"......This is just what I need I know what to eat and what not to eat",        


 "......Now  I can really help my baby boy!"   

                                                                                                                    ".......I'm an everyday Mum with no real health issues that I know of, but on recommendation from many others who swear by Len Goodman,  my family and I have not looked back since following his advice".     



 ***  .......Schedule an appointment and see for yourself 











Initial Consultation Part 1 - If you only do this on it's own - : Nutritional Health Check:
* Nutrient and Mineral Levels

* Specific Organ Function.

* Hormone, Enzymatic, And Levels of Inflammation.

* Monitoring.

1) uncover the negative impact that certain foods have on many organs of your body that you probably do NOT KNOW about.

2) pinpoint what is lacking, nutrition - wise, in your body which may require replenishment
eg a mineral / amino acid / a vitamin / a supplement etc.
Supplements are optional, but only with your test results can we help you select which is best for you...... We will even tell you how much of it you need....... and when to take it. This is important because everyone is different.

about 50 minutes $90.00
Initial Consultation Part 2 - If you only do this on its own - : A Nutritional Allergy/ Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Assessment:
This is vital to any health improvement.

This is what we do:

a) Analyse INDIVIDUALLY 125 critically important foods, checking for possible reactions, intolerances or sensitivities. From this we work out a food plan illustrating WHAT you can have, HOW OFTEN you can have them and what foods you should be careful of.

b) Check for possible reaction to 15 environmentals including, dogs, cats, dust, dustmite, pollens, etc

c) Test and discuss Candida Therapy and Heavy Metals

Standard elimination diets are often inaccurate.

about 85 minutes $200.00
Initial Consultation Part 1 and Part 2 - i.e. If you do both of the above- which is highly recommended - Special Price
Free advisory access to Len Goodman is available.

For best health results we recommended this package.

Special arrangements can be made to offer this package over 2 days of the same week if time is a constraint for you. However certain conditions apply. If this interests you please ask us.

about 2 hours $240.00
Follow Up Consultation - i.e if you do both of the above - which is highly recommended - Special Price
-needed usually about 4 weeks after the initial Consultation -

- vitally important to complete our program because they help identify areas of improvement that you have made, compared with the previous consultation.

Some may need 2 follow up consultations, others more, everyone is different. The follow up test usually introduces you to:

1) a new and more varied diet with the re- introduction of certain foods you could not have before, and

2) a new health assessment usually showings areas of improvement you have made when compared with the previous assessment.

about 55-60 minutes $120.00

Prices current as of 14 July 2021


Methods of payment:  No Credit Card Payment. Only Cash, Bank Transfer which must be completed by end of Consultation , Bank Cheque, Money Order, Postal Order. There is an ATM and Post Office nearby. 



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