Not Feeling 100% ?What You Eat Can Make You Sick Without You Knowing It!
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Allergies & Food Intolerance

Allergies to a whole range of foods and environmental factors are becoming increasingly prevalent in modern life.

The foods we eat and the environment in which we live contribute to most chronic illnesses, unwellness or discomfort.

We can test many different foods to find out the cause(s) to your problems and symptoms. Testing is painless, non-invasive and safe, even for babies. Test results are immediate and discussed fully during your consultation.

We offer a unique approach to testing for allergies and intolerances. 125 foods, environmental and other elements are tested individually. We do not simply hand out blood group diet sheets. Saliva Testing reveals important elements that will allow us to develop health solutions and treatment plans you may not find elsewhere. For more information on this technology please Contact Us

Some of the allergies and allergic conditions you may be concerned about include:

  • Hayfever
  • Asthma
  • Food Allergies
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • Skin Rashes
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Migraines & Headaches
  • Tiredness & lethargy
  • Generally feeling unwell

But this is only half the story! There are many more symptoms and conditions we can help to treat.




We all know that nutrition is a key to our health and well-being, but did you realise that many 'healthy' foods can also make you sick or feel unwell if you have an intolerance to them?

Although you may be eating 'healthy', many foods can trigger internal reactions, straining even a healthy body and contributing to serious health problems. 

You would NOT even realise that food reactions are happening because the reactions occur INSIDE the body, no rash or itchy skin would appear to warn you that something is wrong.

Whether you are looking to treat an allergy, manage a serious or chronic illness, lose weight, or trying to find out why you just don't feel quite right we can assist by helping to treat the causes of the issues not just the symptoms.

We offer:




Naturopathy is an overall approach to treating many common illnesses, conditions and symptoms.

With Naturopathy we can assist you with many issues you may have concerns about, such as:

Food Sensitivites

Food Sensitivities

Food intolerances and sensitivities destabilise the body!

They leach out minerals and vitamins from the immune system, weakening it; They upset the ph balance; They create imbalances in the workings of many body organs eg skin, sinuses, lungs, liver, thyroid, stomach, bowels, kidneys, hormones, adrenals etc and they create inflammation.

What if I do nothing about food tolerances & sensitivities?

CONSEQUENCES of doing nothing about food intolerances and sensitivities can and most often do include:

  • not getting better,
  • getting sicker, quicker,
  • seeing the GP more often,
  • probably end up taking even more drugs, creating more health problems because of their often nasty side effects.

How do we help you? What do we do?

Our special consultations:

  1. help find out what those foods are that contribute to YOUR problems and create new diets or foodplans to suit YOU.
  2. help identify what YOUR nutritional deficiencies are and what YOUR body organ imbalances are; then with this information, by extrapolation, help replenish YOUR body with what it needs, over time, not with what one thinks it needs. YOUR quality of health improves and therefore YOUR quality of life improves and this can even extend well into your later years.
Allergy Symptoms and Conditions

Symptoms, Allergies and Conditions

There are many common symptoms, allergies and conditions (and illnesses which can be very serious) that we can help to treat. You may be surprised that even just 'not feeling right' or 'not feeling 100%' may be a result of food sensitivities that you would not even know about.


Brittle nails 
Certain cancers 
Chronic fatigue 
Coeliac's disease 
Concentration problems
Memory lapses
Coughs and colds 

Digestive problems 
Disease prevention 
Dry, flaky skin 
Dull hair 
Ear infections 
Excess acid / gas 
Feeling rundown 
Flatulence / Wind 
Fluid retention 
Food / Sugar cravings  Forgetfullness / Lack of mental clarity. 
Hormonal Issues 
Irritable bowel syndrome 
Joint / Muscle aches 
Lack of motivation 
Maintaining optimum health
Ross river virus 
Sinusitis / Sinus problems
Skin problems  and rashes
Sports aches and pains 
Stomach problems 
Swelling ankles/ fingers 
Unusual tiredness / lack of energy
Weight control 

There are many other health issues we help..... but they are too many to mention here